Monday, October 21, 2019

Week of October 21, 2019

It's all just a big mess the way I see it. Doc's last comment in previous post is pretty much where I put myself as far as risk / reward is concerned. I am going to try not to be surprised at a move in either direction and with FOMC a week from this Wednesday and the fact some big things have been going on around that 1st week of November for awhile...

Not putting up a chart of the RUT but you can tell with the heavy financial weighting in banks that it seems to rally pretty hard off any bump in the 10 year. We have seen the banks putting out numbers they seem to rally off with earnings only to give it all up within the next week or 2. We are in that following week now so perhaps they help with direction.

I know things have been quiet in here of late and for me part of the blame lies with Disqus. I know others are busy with the other grinds and routines. As far as the charts and posts go when we get out of the sideways mess we have been in for nearly 3 months again I would expect things to change. It's a tough trade on the swing side of things so if you aren't day trading.... Anyway, good luck and let's see if we can get kind of direction here. We should be at a turning point of sorts but anytime the FOMC window pops up patience is generally required. The Fed is doing things now that scare me for the most part

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