Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vote For Imbecile's Day 2018

Today we get to vote and pretend it has any impact whatsoever. Personally I am sick of the shit. I don't see a "United" States of America. I see a united country of corruption and cry babies. Every one of these assholes hides behind he said, she said. I don't see crap being done about the issues that demand attention being debated. I don't see a person in my state running for a seat that deserves my vote. Period, end of story. If this is the best we have to offer cause another politician said so, and if the same is true across this country, what the fuck are we doing? Senior citizens acting like infants and of all things, ON MY TELEVISION. I can watch Nick at Nite if I needed entertainment like this. Where did this PC crap come from? I mean c'mon...Politically Correct? Show me 1 politician who is truly correct in his or her mind, and to make it even more challenging, an honest one! The children of today and tomorrow don't stand a chance. Television and the advertising they are allowed to put on it will have them all on drugs by age 6 due to confusion and illusion. (2 gays guys in a fucking drug commercial about migraines! C'MON! and that Levi commercial, don't even get me started with that one) It amazes me how these "elected" jerks cannot even police themselves. Seems to me we have enough "Artificial Intelligence" in Washington.  Okay sorry for the rant (ya wouldn't believe what else is on my mind but this isn't really the place)

On to the markets...It's a mess just like everything else in this country. We are in a place where price constantly has to be defended to protect the elite. #RMS is alive and well and if ya don't think so then ya forget to read all the black and white that tells us everywhere we look. We have primary dealers who have to do what the Fed says and that is that. We get to follow an algo program and hope it is human enough in error to lead us to a viable conclusion we can trade. Pick your spots around the Fed dates and your success most likely improves. We are probably going to remain somewhat range bound into Opex. I have no upside or downside targets available as long as we remain in no mans land (or is that supposed to be no persons land, or possibly no lbtgqxyzlmr land). I think between the political algo's Tuesday and FOMC Wednesday with statement on Thursday we can find a direction. I actually prefer up cause I think the criminals behind this wanna screw everyone they can into the end of 2018. By now they should have enough and maybe they have a friend or two they need to get out higher.... Not even gonna post a chart cause it won't matter until this crap is over with in the next couple days.

Edit: Corrected the FOMC schedule to reflect statement comes out Thursday.

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