Sunday, September 13, 2020

Week of September 14, 2020

 Instead of topping we managed the triple top break out from a couple weeks ago (month maybe?) Since the math equations didn't pan out I went back into some older archived charts, then duplicated it over in the investing site to make it a little easier to see. 

Fibs were made to fit based on low in March and where we currently are. I took a wild ass guess and the lines in the middle so those aren't set in stone but I need to copy the main channel line as I saw it. 

Looking back into March when they did the emergency cut in that first week ES tagged exactly 450 handles high into the 6 month higher high in September. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Week of August 17, 2020

 It has been awhile! Odd to see the last post I did was at the bottom! Now am I putting up a new one at the top? I am laying odds the likelihood is high. 

I haven't had time to go through a whole lot yet because I have actually been very busy. (Chat about that will come below and not up here) 

Now I know this is only a 15 Minute chart of the futures but the rules for a triple top breakdown have been satisfied. A break now of 3319.50 ES would give me the impression a longer triangle break down is also about to occur which would be a top similar to how we saw that bottom made a year ago in August. The Q's are still doing their thing and I haven't looked at that again yet but will post that chart below after I do. I always thought we would retest this level at some point but to do so within 6 months was a bit of a shock. I thought sometime in the latter part of 2021 (spring at the earliest). Anyway, it is what it is and I think we will learn a lot in the upcoming week. 

Looking forward to catching up so I can explain what is going on

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Week of March 23, 2020

Just real quick ..I gotta leave town again (Sigh)

Check the gaps back in early 2016

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

New post just to catch up and try to keep things fresh. I still have to go over everything because I got in later yesterday than anticipated. Amazed at how much the virus has everyone dazed.

Feb 2016 long from low even broke already

Monday, March 9, 2020

Week of March 9, 2020

We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, price of a paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat when everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. -- Gordon Gekko

I still propose this is what we are doing but if this fails I guess it is the SHTF time. On the SPX the long off December 2018 is basically 2746.50 so for them to shake the tree wouldn't be all bad but a break must also be considered a warning.

ES Daily but ya get the idea

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Week of February 24, 2020

Just gonna post a 2 hour chart with what I think are good possibilities into the week. "Bear" in mind the arrows meant for price more than time. It took a bit but I thought last week played out about as anticipated. ES open this evening will probably be key but I expect more irrational behavior til we get into the low. Charts from Investing are a bit off due to the blank areas from holiday as far the previous dashed line. Maybe they get it fixed. Just easier to see on this vs the platform chart

This isn't too far off the SPX scenario. Kind of figured 3325 was gonna hold on first run at it

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Week of February 10, 2020

Admittedly I think we all knew this was going to make a higher high. For me, it just wasn't in this window but as I looked at the charts this makes a bit of sense. I am currently in the camp as per the chart below which is just a simple 4 hour ES with a couple notes on it. Should be easy enough to figure out where / when it is wrong.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Week of February 3, 2020

Market played a lot of games last week but ultimately in my view it ended up doing about what was expected. I was looking for that 3297-3307 upside and down side target was 3207 for me so came close enough. I am actually expecting something similar to unfold again this week.

I still think they need to test that 3154 SPX high / 3158 ES back in early December and here we are into a 60 day window and it is within reach. My target has basically been in the 3160-3175 range and the chart I will post gives an ultimate PT near 3168. It is at least common for them to make a run of the longs currently sitting about 3172 on the ES. I know we have daily bottom BB, 50 dma stuff to work around but it would only be a concern with a close below the latter. The March and July high line is right in this area at the lows as well.

Upside over the next couple months I actually have some bullish bias into 3353-3373ish kind of area sometime before the end of March. This would be enough for me to call a Top. If this were to happen I think it could be fun for trades in both directions throughout 2020.

 I think this is actually possible during the week

This is what I would like to see happen

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Week of Jan 27, 2020

I have to believe we are near and end here and in the immediate sense we should have a finality this week as to whether that is true. For now just a matter of keeping an eye on where we currently sit. I think it is possible to get something like Jan 2018 although it seems a bit extreme at the moment if this is gonna finish when I want it to LOL. Just gonna post a Monthly ES since you have seen the Cash version already.

Monthly ES

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Week of January 20, 2020

Don't even need to get cute...talked about that longer term trend line