Sunday, May 31, 2015

June 1st, 2015

First I want to thank everyone for the well wishes with the new blog. Things won't be done all that differently but it will remain public until such point someone pisses off 1 of us enough to take it private again. As long as everyone is treated with respect there shouldn't be any issues. I also want to thank Airyk for the assistance he has and will be providing.

On a happy note, I heard from Fam and she is fine. I let her know about what was going on with this blog and told her it would remain until she is able to participate more. Other than that I will let her provide information about her personal stuff.

Things will change a bit as time progresses here. There is a plan to add some links and some information Yikes has provided which is greatly appreciated. There will probably be some kinks along the way but we will work hard and diligently to ensure smooth running. There will never be a donate button but please feel free to donate to your favorite charity when you feel the urge.

This blog and all of its participants are for the purpose of betterment and learning. On that note I don't care what kind of trading you do and if you happen to come here as a new participant I encourage you to ask questions. There are some great people here who will share their knowledge.

The longer term charts don't look much different than the end of April to me. Selling is what it still wants to do but just won't. If we happened to break down here it would probably only send us into that 2040 range before the bull would want to resume again. I DO NOT want to see this happen so I am bias to the upside wanting this to end and correct deeper than 2040. The chart below is what I want to see but keep in mind it doesn't have to. All the up and down shows it wants to sell more than it wants to go up so if we can get that last bit of up sooner rather than later......

Good luck and keep 'em green!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


This is just for a weekend test run. If anybody has any issues please send me an email at and we will work to get the issue resolved. Suggestions / Ideas welcome by any and all