Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4, 2016

Well it has taken some time but they finally got to the 2214 target that has been anticipated.

Now the looming question is whether or not this was the finale. I believe we are in for a correction but for now won't anticipate much until after the December FOMC a week from Wednesday. I believe if we correct into that meeting the bounce that may come off it could be short lived. Right now I think we have to test something into the 2163-2180 range.

I hope to have a little time for the blog headed into the holidays so I am not going to get ahead of myself at the moment. Right now I think December is setting up to be very interesting.

After the move yesterday I can see this puncturing my next objective. Trying to talk me into no resistance and free air at these levels isn't going to work. 2250 give or take will  provide plenty. That dashed black line at the top of the chart that has been there forever was always the probability. Managed to get near my next price about a week earlier than anticipated. Get above that and I will believe the bull keeps charging.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gobble! Gobble! Happy T-Day to all

Does Santa wear a red suit for a reason?

It has been a rough road since May/July of 2015.  At this juncture I fully believe the tide is about to turn. I don't know how easy it is going to be given a retest of some proportion should certainly be in play. The last couple of years that real decline didn't come until we rounded the corner into the New Year.

I am personally looking for a high in a time frame from this coming Wednesday into perhaps next Wednesday. By now everyone knows where the targets are and it appears the hunt is finally on to find them. Why they couldn't have just did it and gotten it over with a year ago is a mystery but it is what it is. 

I removed the line with the first price objective on it

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2, 2016

I stared and listened and honestly came up with nothing looking at the SPX Chart. The 2081 is the immediate line in the sand yet as I see it. Typical FOMC bullshit with a low probable today as long as that holds. That still holds us up around 90 points from what I see as the ultimate bull / bear line so not excited. I am still in the camp that says our ATH is not in yet. I think the next move above 2154 will be the last attempt at it though....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20, 2016

Just a quick little something so we can have a new thread.

I want to point out a couple tidbits. First this recent low is still 135 points above the bull / bear line. It is also still about 45 higher than our June low line. You don't have to go back any further than 2015 to find the importance of this level at FOMC prices around that 2114 mark. The new floor or ceiling seems to be around that 2163-2173 pivot. Giving this pivot some wiggle room cause of that 1991-1993 level. Back at the beginning of the year and again around Brexit this was a level I though was very important. I really had no idea it was going to be the secondary low for 2016.

The other thing is the November 2012 low. At 4 years x225 you get that level of 2243 (900+1343). Then of course we have the 80/20 rule I simply cannot ignore along with the infamous 2214. Ahead of FOMC there is still a 90 point range from 1991-2081 that warrants caution. Nearly a year ago this recent low was the high back in November. Gotta respect this FOMC pivot area til it is gone. Even at that it can easily be seen as a bear trap til 2081 is taken out.

Zoomed in a bit cause I don't think we have to look past the June low for now

Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 6, 2016

I noticed things are coming to a crawl here and really apologize for being so busy. I really just haven't had time. Came to Colorado for some work and then ended up getting nailed with a big storm back home. I have stayed in Colorado as the lone wolf. Not sure if I am ever gonna leave. Absolutely love it here and it has replaced North Carolina for where I wanna spend my last years.

As I glanced at the charts it seems they just wanna milk it out. Really thinking it is just ahead of FOMC or Election Day that is going to wisk us to that ultimate high so long anticipated. It still appears something from that 2214-2242 range before it ends. I don't like the idea of getting above 2214 but it has to set a future move somewhere so I can live with the 2242 if need be. Long anticipated target and now in a date range that fits. NFP could be the trigger to get that price level. Plenty of time and room for divergence to play out.

Hoping to find a little time to get a couple trades in very soon and to spend a little time here as allowed. Finally catching my breath. Thank you all for staying the course and I hope ya don't give up.

I just added a new set of lines to the chart I constantly post based off this most recent 2119 low. Bear line still well below us. I will point out the June low plus 240 in 120 days for those still doubting higher highs. 3.33 times the 666.79 in a 9 year high to high span has a nice ring (give or take the future move forward)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I know 200ma had planned on putting his thoughts on a new post this past weekend, but he's busier than a one-armed paper hanger these days, so I'm throwing this up just to get a new thread started.
(If you happen on by here 200, please feel free to overwrite if the mood catches you.)

I think I may have posted this in an earlier thread, but we are still not anywhere near out of options for how this market may go.  At least we've got some volatility now, so that helps open up some day trades at least.  My personal feeling is that the break to the downside of the tight BB ride we had is most likely a fake-out and we'll rip to points further north soon enough, but whether that's the wave 3 blow-off top or the ending diagonal is anyone's guess.

(As a side-note, the third option could be done with wave (iii) and into (iv) as another possibility.)
Happy trading.

Friday, August 12, 2016

8-13-16 (dog days... )

I gots dem low-volume-summa-time bluuuues....

Need I really say more?  I've no more crystal ball than anyone else here, but we are certainly overbought and at what could be looked at as a complete EW 5-count up since Brexit.  

Volume has been steadily dropping since February, and an even more pronounced decline since the late June low (which in 3rd waves should be getting stronger), so there's that to scratch your head over too.  The only way I can see that this might be bearish beyond a refresher-pullback would be if this is some kind of giant B wave of a multi-year expanded flat.  The volume thing would be consistent with that, but I have no more than coin flip odds on the idea.

VIX is currently in a tube only about 2.3 points wide, so somethings gotta give.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 3, 2016

August is on us...

Well so far we have the long anticipated higher highs. This past FOMC is nowhere near its norm so far for either direction. The only thing close was the fact we got a Monday high after the announcement. 6 months off the February 1st high that followed the low preceding the January. The fact we have rallied for 6 months straight (120ish Trading days) is most likely the issue with upside. In 2014 we rallied with smallish corrections right into September's FOMC. I think we can expect the same here and maybe a little more if it wants the October line

Previously I talked about whipsaw but in all honesty I didn't expect it in such a tight range. I am sure the MM's had reason to keep it propped for some kind of future endeavor. As it stands now it is becoming more and more likely we are looking at a fall high. A year later than was previously targeted but it is what it is.

The FOMC high was 366 to the penny off the January 20th low. Today we also hit the top of the channel that I believe originated back at the January FOMC. Take this low out today and the next likely would be the bottom of that channel, and so on...

I think we did something similar to this back in 2013. I don't know how much weakness is in front of us so where to BTFD is really the only question I have going forward. Remember the 2120 gaps and the previous FOMC prices as a guide. Be smart on both ends of this tape is my best advice at the present time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Well here we sit at targets expected a year ago. Going forward I have quite a few things on my mind but am not going to take the time this evening to go over it all. I will say I strongly believe this is meant to be a fall high and my guess is between the September FOMC and the one that falls in November (Conveniently a week before the election) this year.
As we head into our next FOMC rate decision it appears to me this was all set up during the January meeting. I haven't drawn the lines exact but the green dashed are the reference. The high and the low on January 27th have both been in play on one side or the other of that candle. Brexit tossed a wrench into things on both sides. Anyway you can draw a line off the 1/27 high then the 3/10 low (Nailed that one) and off the low of 1/27 and the low 6/16 to get an idea of why I look at FOMC the way I do. I believe one of these lines gets tagged even if we make a higher high with FOMC.
The 3 arrows near the top of the chart indicate the last 2 FOMC highs the week prior (and I put one on last Wednesday's cause I give it great odds of holding). If this one plays out the same way without a higher high we should be looking at a low headed into the release of the minutes in August. Our month of July opened around 2099 which is a well visited FOMC price. I think it takes a close above 2107-2108 to top the highest monthly close and at this point I am actually okay with that cause there should be a higher price later on.
Prices on the chart are FOMC highs and lows. I won't get more bearish than the 2099-2100 line til it is broke and I have already stated I expect 2081 at a minimum. If we do make a higher high 2200 should be pretty easy headed into August Opex

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016

I am not about to call a top after seeing how easy they can make this look. Instead I am going to look for a correction and a dip to buy for a swing. As I look at the weekly chart it appears it has room to run yet. Other charts are a bit iffy at this juncture hence looking for the correction.

When Fam had started her blog I recall putting a post up about the golden rule. As luck would have it that price rests at 2213.91. As I look at the weekly chart the blue line finds this price to an almost exact 9 years off the 2007 top. If it happens to break this level it is very possible we move higher but it should act as a buffer much like the July 2014 high when price was at 1987.68 and only managed the next 4 points before correcting into the first week of August. The way I see it the price should still stay short of 2250. A year ago these prices were on the board but TPTB decided to stretch us.

I fully expect to see a weekly red candle this week and believe it should look much like the time frame from a year ago. If it decides to break out higher against me I know to bail. 2 or 3 weeks ago it became clear the next break above 2114 was headed here. As I look at the monthly chart I think it is possible anything can happen so the long isn't all that safe in my view either and will be guarded like a Fed algo. The 2 levels I will watch below are the July open and the end of December high. FOMC is a week and a half away but I think if we are going to move higher it will be by mid week and don't expect it to be by much unless it is truly a break out finale. Thus far this isn't acting like a typical top but neither did the May 2015.

Looking forward if this somehow ends up being our ultimate high then I would fully expect to test 2150ish come October so I don't think we are anywhere near going into the tank yet. It wouldn't bother me to be wrong about that however. If ya wonder why I am looking here just look at the last 3 mid October lows and the line it made. I mentioned the July stuff in the last post

I only took the chart back to the November 2012 low cause that was our last QE3 dip.
Weekly SPX: